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Reduce your energy bill by 15%+ by tuning up HVAC equipment. Most cases are well above 15%, too. The BGE Building Tune-up Program and others provide financial incentives that can cover the whole cost for HVAC tune ups.

improve equipment efficiency

Cleaning and restoring HVAC units on office buildings dramatically improves their output, while enhance occupant comfort and indoor air quality. Typical energy savings reduce costs 15% without significant capital investment from your business.

extend HVAC equipment life

Tuning up HVAC equipment returns equipment to its proper operational state. Lower power consumption, combined with more efficiency and optimal scheduling can cut maintenance costs 2-4x. Proactive tune ups save money now, and later.

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Utilize the BGE Smart Savers Program through Star Energy and Your HVAC Equipment Tune Up Costs Are Covered Completely

HVAC Tune Ups

Building Tune-up is the process of monitoring, troubleshooting and adjusting electrical, mechanical and control systems in existing buildings to optimize energy performance. Our team can perform this service for your business, and the cost of tune ups will be passed on to BGE, meaning no invoice to your business.


Instant Discounts on qualifying energy-efficient lighting are available from BGE’s Smart Energy Savers Program.

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“Star Energy worked to understand our objectives and efficiently rolled out the HVAC Tune-up program across our portfolio. Due to their leadership, I am pleased to say that we are further enhancing the value of our properties in a sustainable way that benefits our clients.”

– Ryan Schwabenbauer Director of Sustainability


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Incentives for Improving Your Building’s Efficiency

How the BGE Smart Energy Savers Program Works

Government Incentives
Working with BGE's Smart Energy Savers program, you can have a majority of the cost of improving your building's efficiency covered by government-provided stimulus
To Improve Your HVAC and Lighting Efficiency
We Tune Up Your Building's HVAC Equipment
We achieve these efficiencies by tuning up your HVAC equipment. As a business owner, all you do is approve the service - the invoice goes to the government programs.
Reducing your bill at least 15%
Reduce Your Power Bill
Even regularly maintained equipment becomes bogged down. By tuning up HVAC units, you not only improve air quality and equipment efficiency, but also extend equipment life and restore ideal operating conditions.
Improve Your Efficiency

Ready to reduce your power bill by 15% or more and extend the life of your equipment?

Who is Eligible?

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  • Military Facilities

  • Municipal Buildings

  • Small Businesses

  • Hotels

  • Hospitals

  • And More

  • Schools

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Ready to reduce your power bill by 15% or more and extend the life of your equipment?

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