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Any Maryland business, government entity, municipality, or military group. Must have HVAC units ontop their building.

Star Energy will go in and tune up your building’s HVAC equipment by replacing filters, cleaning and improving overall operation. The EmPOWER Maryland program pays for the cost of these repairs as part of an energy saving initiative.

Since inception, no business owner has paid out of pocket. Star Energy sends the bill to BGE Smart Savers Program and the EmPOWER Maryland Initiative provides funds for the cost.

Pre-approval from BGE is required for all applications. Prior to performing an HVAC tune-up, the customer must receive written approval. Once received the customer must perform necessary maintenance and adjustments to achieve a minimum System Effective Efficiency (SEE) of 85% as confirmed by post-testing.

Per HVAC Unit Incentives
$175.00 for single compressor units
$250.00 for multiple compressor units
$35.00 if post test results indicate < 10% increase in SEE or if unable to achieve post test SEE ≥ 85%

BGE will process applications for payment in the order received and will authorize payment upon the application’s review and approval. The incentive check will be mailed 6–8 weeks after the project’s completion and payment approval.

Most units get 2-4 repair / maintenance visits per year. Preventative maintenance (HVAC Tune Up) can cut that by half.

St. Johns Properties has rolled out these tune ups to nearly all their millions of square feet business parks, and seen over 15% efficiency improvements on average.

Everyone. Your power bill includes small line items that feed into a government fund to help reduce power consumption. Those funds are combined with other programs, like the EmPOWER Maryland program to help pay the full cost of your HCAV tune up.

Each program has a finite amount toward lighting, HVAC, refrigeration, etc. Don’t hesitate because the funds will get used up quickly.

How does Star Energy get compensated? In 100% of cases thus far, Star has been covered by the BGE program. Star Energy has done the work at no cost to the unit owner. Star only receives the incentive if these are met: Must improve efficiency 15%+. Must restore the unit efficiency to 85% of specs to what a unit runs at new.

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