Protect Your Hotel PTAC and HVAC Units From Unexpected Property Maintenance Fees

Extend longevity of your hotel equipment while helping you better forecast budgeting


Property’s power bill reduced

How It Works

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Learn how a PTAC and HVAC tune up done by Star Energy can benefit YOU, the hotel owner or manager – and have the cost of the tune up service covered completely by the utility.

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Benefits to Hotel Owner

Improved corporate

Lower utility bills

Work performed by Star Energy’s
certified HVAC technicians

Your report includes list of all equipment: age of each unit, make, model and serial numbers

Star Energy handles all
administration work


Property’s power bill reduced

Best Part

We send the invoice directly to the Utility and you pay nothing.

Each state levies a tax on all electric bills which fund energy efficiency programs (as highlighted in the image). These funds, collected by each utility, provide payment for this service to you.

Ready to make the move toward efficiency?

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