Protect Yourself From Unexpected Property Maintenance Fees

Extend longevity of your unit while helping you better forecast budgeting

Benefits to Property Owners/Management Companies

We’re built around simplifying, documenting and
improving your budget and infrastructure

HVAC tune-ups include the following:

  • 23 Point inspection and service
  • Filter changes if necessary (supplied by you)
  • Complete report on the status of your HVAC equipment

Benefits for Owners and
Property Management Firms

  • Longer life of expensive equipment
  • Creates a full inventory of make, model, serial numbers etc.
  • Third party audit of “tenants maintained” units
  • Live time feedback on malfunctioning equipment
  • Provide tenant with immediate energy savings at no cost (value added)

All that we need from you
is the following:

  • Utility electric bill/ account number
  • HVAC system inventory list (If available)
  • Rooftop access
  • Property manager E-signature prior to start of work and upon completion

Best part?

We send the invoice directly to the utility and you pay nothing.

Each utility adds a state approved tax to every electric bill, this is where the funds come from to pay us for the work we do for you. The purpose of this tax is to reduce power consumption through gains and efficiencies. . Star Energy, in partnership with your respective utility, will come out and tune up your property’s HVAC equipment, and the invoice goes to the utility.

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Why Does an HVAC Unit Need Tune Ups?

How Does Star Energy Get Compensated?

In 100% of cases thus far, Star has been covered by the BGE Smart Savers Program. Star Energy has done the work at no cost to the unit owner.

We only receive the incentive if these targets are met:

Must improve efficiency

Restore the unit efficiency to 85% of specs to what a unit runs at new.

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