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Learn how an HVAC tune up done by Star Energy can reduce your power bill by at least 15% – and have the cost of the tune up service covered completely by government programs and incentives.

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We’re your conduit to government cash incentives

These incentives programs are available to companies like yours – to maintain your equipment, extend the life of your equipment and improve your buildings efficiency.  As an approved trade ally, we manage the process to simplify access to these incentives and make your business more profitable.  Only an approved trade ally has access to these incentives on your behalf.


tar Energy improves the efficiency of your office or building by 15%+, resulting in a 15% lower power bill for your tenants – saving money immediately on your next bill. We’re able to do this through the BGE Smart Energy Savers Program and other similar programs.

These government-funded programs cover the cost of your HVAC tune up fully, and you never see the invoice. Star Energy sends the invoice to, and takes payment directly from BGE and other programs. Sound too good to be true? Read below for more detail.

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Best Part? We send the invoice directly to the Government Incentive Program and you pay nothing.

The government set aside cash to pay businesses to improve their efficiency.  Businesses can use those funds to tune up their HVAC equipment, and extend its life while improving efficiency – resulting in a 15+% reductions in your power bill.


How Does Star Energy Get Compensated?

In 100% of cases thus far, Star has been covered by the BGE Smart Savers Program. Star Energy has done the work at no cost to the unit owner.

We only receive the incentive if these targets are met:

  • Must improve efficiency 15%+
  • Restore the unit efficiency to 85% of specs to what a unit runs at new.

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Ready to reduce your power bill by 15% or more and extend the life of your equipment?

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